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About Us

Our journey starts on the new year's day 2012 on the famous Epsom racecourse with a 10 mile event on a mild winters morning. Our aim was to complete this first race with a respectable time.

My running partner Peter and I complete the event successfully without any major issues but with a very big learning curve. A couple in their 60's beat more than 20 years our senior beat us in that event. So despite a person's age or gender, there's nothing to prevent you completing a long running event if you train regularly and look after yourself.

Prior the 10 miles we had no plan to enter a other event nor to increase our distance. However, we enjoyed the run and upon completion of the race we agreed to run another.

The next event we signed up for was the Waltham half marathon followed shortly by Spitfire 20 at the redundant airfield used on the Topgear programme.

We completed both of these and also decided that we shall I try our first marathon which was Milton Keynes 2012,the first ever held in Milton Keynes.

The weather was horrendous that weekend and many events in the Midlands area were cancelled due to rain and winds, however Milton's Keynes had the stadium hired for that weekend and so the race went ahead.

Despite the poor weather and almost freezing temperatures we both completed the marathon under 3hrs and 45mins.

We were getting comfortable with our running and the training runs were becoming fun rather than struggles.

Being new to the running scene, I thought the marathon was the pinnacle of long distance running, however Peter was about to educate about ultra marathons. So we entered the first ultra, the Stort 30. This was the beginning of our ultra journeys.

After doing the Stort 30, I missed the 50 mile event due to travel commitments but my training did not subside and upon my return we both entered and completed the Wall, a 69 mile event from West to East coast, Carlisle to Newcastle, again both completed sub 21 hours.

We eventually went for the century and entered the Thames Path 100. Peter completed successfully but unfortunately at mile 92 my knee gave way and I had to pull out of the race.

Under less than 18 months from not running at all, to running 100 miles was a fantastic and unimaginable achievement for us.

Between our running events we also completed several outdoor open swimming events ranging from 0.5 miles to 3 miles. Peter successfully completed several tri events with his biggest achievement of the Swiss Triathlon.

From our experience we learned that the branded products were not necessarily the best for our needs so at Voom Direct we tried many products for running swimming and cycling. We decided that we would use our experience and bring together the best for our customers.

We endeavour to ensure that our products provide the best comfort, are reliable in strength durability and performance. We find the best source for our products and want to provide products that we ourselves use and endorse.

James Morrison
Founder Voom Direct